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KEEPING UP THE ACT takes closer look at the new party of independents heading to October's election. Hmmm.



Lovely music, pity about the storyline

"Despite mezzo-soprano Anna Dowsley’s best efforts, and they were considerable and admirable, the most successful and satisfying songs in the program were the two offered as encores," writes reviewer BILL STEPHENS.

Musical Theatre

Much to like as Philo totally brings it on!

When presented with the amount of skill and attention to detail that has obviously been lavished on this production, it guarantees a delightfully entertaining experience for the whole family." BILL STEPHENS reviews Bring it On: The Musical.



Does the serving temperature of wine matter?

"I don’t use an ice bucket for white wine even if offered at a restaurant. It’s interesting to see how wine changes in taste as it reaches a higher temperature, especially the amelioration of acid," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER. 


Okay, so what wine goes best with smoke?

"I’d never serve a sauvignon blanc with smoked fish. Rarely is this varietal 'sour' and often, especially if French, is not fruit forward," writes wine columnist RICHARD CALVER, who has a weakness for food flavoured by smoke.


Curry needs heat to grow, too

Curry leaves are a main ingredient in Indian dishes and this plant is easy to grow in Canberra with a little care, says gardening writer JACKIE WARBURTON. 

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