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Jane embraces the opportunity to help others

Cercis Property owner Jane Yang.

In this sponsored post, Jane Yang of Cercis Property speaks about helping others achieve their dreams of home ownership, and her experience as a woman in business.

STARTED in 2019, Cercis Property is a real estate agency offering property sales and property management services, says property consultant Jane Yang.

“I have the opportunity to help others achieve their dreams of home ownership, the adventure of closing deals, the challenge of navigating a dynamic market, and the fulfillment that comes from using skills to create a positive impact in my community and the lives of my clients,” she says.

“Being a woman in business means harnessing unique perspectives and strengths to lead, innovate, and drive positive economic growth.

“Our commitment is to empower women through a family-like environment that champions difference and innovation, fostering unique perspectives that drive business success.”

Jane’s advice to other women looking to start a business, is to find a niche market and act to drive change.

“Women in real estate or practically any other industry bring a unique blend of empathy, market tuition, and a nurturing approach to client relations,” she says.

Cercis Property, Shop 121/27 Eastlake Parade, Kingston, or Shop 19/77 Northbourne Avenue, Turner. Call 0401 539788, or visit

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